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Southwestern Illinois companies get contracts for SIUE campus improvements

The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees has approved contracts worth more than $4.7 million to provide infrastructure improvements for the Edwardsville campus.

siuelogoThe board this past week also gave project approval for improvements in the campus water system and for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The board approved contracts worth $3.88 million to RCS Construction, Inc., of Wood River, and $472,277 to J.F. Electric, Inc., of Edwardsville, for the resurfacing and rebuilding of parking lots A, VCF, 10, CU and Korte Stadium. The project includes redesign of lots A and VCF to improve pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic flow and safety. Korte Stadium will see its existing rock lot paved with an asphalt surface. Lots 10 and CU will be resurfaced along the existing footprint. Included will be new pavement markings, curbs, replacing and/or constructing accessible curb ramps, sidewalks, converting to LED lighting in all lots, adding electric vehicle charging stations in lot A and adding emergency phones at Korte Stadium. The project will be funded with the issuance of Housing & Auxiliary Facility System revenue bonds, and debt service will be paid through parking revenue.

The board approved contracts valued at $140,000 with Holland Construction Services, Inc., of Swansea and $55,270 with J.F. Electric, Inc. to perform the construction services for the Student Success Center renovation. The Accessible Campus Community and Equitable Student Support Center (ACCESS), formerly known as Disability Support Services, will expand to serve the more than 700 students that require assistance for testing services, and consequently relocating the smart seminar room and computer lab space. The project will be funded by the Student Success Center Repair and Replacement Reserve funds.

The board also approved a $156,500 contract with R & W Builders, Inc., of O’Fallon, to remodel the Starbucks Café in the Morris University Center. The project consists of refreshing existing finishes, including new floors, walls, ceilings and lighting, as well as the serving line, customer seating and food preparation equipment. This planned retrofit is required every 7-10 years as part of the Starbucks contractual agreement. Morris University Center Repair and Replacement Reserve funds will support the project.

The board gave project approval to phase 3 of replacing valves and fire hydrants in the SIUE campus exterior water distribution system. Because valves controlling the water distribution system date to original campus construction, valves have been failing. The replacement of more than 300 valves and fire hydrants is envisioned over multiple phases. Phase 3 addresses priority valves at an estimated $600,000 and will be funded through Facilities Management Plant funds. The entire project cost is approximately $4.3 million, and additional phases will require further board consideration as funding is identified.

The board also approved improvements at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) at SIUE. The plan is to replace the WWTP digester lid and sand filters. The digester is the primary device that breaks down solids at the sewer plant, and it has rusted through, requiring a new lid. The sand filters remove excess solids and are beyond their life expectancy. If the filters failed, the plant would need to be shut down and cause the campus to close. The project is funded through the Capital Development Board as part of the campus FY19 capital renewal funding.

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