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McKendree’s economic impact in Illinois exceeded $140 million in 2018

McKendree University generated more than $140 million for the Illinois economy in 2018 — including an estimated $128 million in local economic activity—according to a model developed by the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities.

mckendreelogoThe FICU Economic Impact Summary traces and analyzes linkages between various economic sectors and communities. Using this tool, McKendree’s overall economic impact to the State of Illinois was measured at $140,136,012—an increase of nearly $45 million from a decade ago ($95M in 2008). The study calculates economic activity resulting from the operation of the university, including employment, earnings, tax revenue and expenditures.

“This study helps us to better understand the depth and breadth of McKendree’s far-reaching effect on the well-being of our community, region and state,” said Dr. James Dennis, university president. “We continue to be a valuable community partner in Lebanon and St. Clair County and to play an important role in our region’s economic prosperity. Our significant economic impact is a byproduct of our core commitment to education.”

The university employs 483 full and part-time staff and faculty members. Payroll deposits to financial institutions, and purchases made by employees and their families, help to drive the local and regional economy. Based on direct expenditures, the university supported an estimated total of 1,248 jobs in Illinois in 2018, according to the FICU model.

Now celebrating its 191st year, McKendree University’s total enrollment of more than 3,100 students includes 1,500 undergraduates at its Lebanon, Ill., campus, as well as students at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., a campus in Radcliff, Ky., and online.



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