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Communities get grants for environmental initiatives

Madison County is awarding more than $181,000 in grants to municipalities and township for environmental initiatives.

madisoncountylogoThirteen communities throughout the county will receive environmental grants totaling $181,893 to support conservational and sustainability projects. The Resource Management Program within Planning and Development administers the funding for the program.

The purpose of the program is to provide financial support for a broad range of efforts aligned with environmental initiatives such as stormwater management, energy efficiency, water quality, air quality, and recycling.

Since the program’s establishment in 2001, more than 150 projects were paid for with money the county received from its landfill, or “tipping” fees.

This year, the majority of projects funded center on stormwater control, water quality, and energy conservation.

County Board member David Michael, Highland, who serves as chair of the Grants Committee, said the grants are a good way to use the tipping fees and are tailored to the varied needs of each community.

“The sustainability grants definitely benefit the smaller villages who don’t have the funding to pay for these types of projects,” Michael said. “The grant allow them to make upgrades or replace older, non-environmentally friendly infrastructure.”

Grant recipients and projects include:

• Village of Alhambra — $8,000 for LED light conversion and tankless water heaters at village hall
• Alhambra Township — $9,000 for LED light conversion and tankless water heaters at Township Center and Indoor Pavilion
• City of Alton — $15,000 for Moore Park Shoreline Restoration and Sustainability Project
• City of Edwardsville — $15,000 for replacement of existing lighting at Public Works Operations Facility with LED lighting
• Fort Russell Township — $15,000 for addition of LED lighting fixtures and occupancy sensors at Highway Maintenance Facility
• Village of Hamel — $15,000 for installation of energy efficient windows, lighting and hand dryers throughout the village hall, sewer plant, water plant and community center.
• City of Highland — $15,000 for rip rap, filter fabric & seeding along City Reservoir, purchase power rake for grading
• Moro Township, Holiday Shores Association — $15,000 for Holiday Shores Watershed Project, erosion control
• Village of New Douglas — $15,000 for completion of stormwater drainage project on south Sixth Street
• Village of Roxana — $15,000 for replacement of an outdated leaf vacuum system to enhance
• St. Jacob Township — $15,000 for installation of high efficiency HVAC unit and programmable thermostat at new St. Jacob Township Road District building
• Village of South Roxana — $15,000 completion of approximately 10,000 linear feet of ditching work along six village streets.
• Wood River Township — $15,000 for bike/walking multiuse trail

All grant recipients are expected to undergo site visits upon project completion as well as submit a final report with their funding reimbursement request.

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