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p14 Mike Clark    Return on Life, Not Just on Your Money.
    Balance is the hardest part about planning for the future.  It is easy to get caught up in your retirement goals and focusing on return on investment, but what about your return on life? On a scale of one to ten, how confident are you that you will achieve your retirement goals? If you are confident, then are you enjoying life to the fullest now?
    The one thing that hasn’t changed during my 16 years of helping people reach their financial goals is that people are emotional. It is a big responsibility to save for retirement with so many unknowns; life can throw many financial curveballs along the way.
    One issue I have seen time and again with some successful people is they are so focused on their future they aren’t enjoying life now. These people are fiscally responsible, almost to a fault. My goal is to help them enjoy their lives now while still preparing for the future.
p14 Visionary    I love having conversations with clients discussing what they are passionate about: children, grandkids, traveling, hobbies. We devise a comprehensive plan that allows them to achieve their retirement goals while also enjoying those passions now.
    Your return on life is more important than your return on investment. You deserve a plan that balances life now and in the future.

Mike Clark
Senior Wealth Advisor
Visionary Wealth Advisors

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