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Mathis appointed vice chairman of Illinois Supreme Court Continuing Legal Education Committee

mathis patrickShareholder Patrick B. Mathis of Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. was recently appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Illinois Supreme Court Minimum Continuing Legal Education Committee. Pat has served on the committee several years, including as treasurer and chair of the Finance Committee, and is excited to take on the new role of Vice Chairman.

The Illinois Supreme Court Minimum Continuing Legal Education Committee is responsible for determining the level of education continuing attorneys must maintain in order to remain certified to practice. These standards set by the committee are important to ensuring all attorneys have an understanding of the current laws and legal developments by the Illinois Supreme court. The Committee staff also certifies those organizations that provide continuing legal education in the State of Illinois.

Established in 1984, Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. has offices in Belleville, Edwardsville and Nashville, Ill., as well as St. Louis and Perryville, Mo.

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