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‘No two days the same’ for Alton Memorial EMS coordinator

altonmemorialemscoordinatorThe mission of Alton Memorial Hospital extends well beyond the campus at 1 Memorial Drive. Alex Campbell, EMS coordinator, serves as the liaison between first responders to the hospital and the Illinois Department of Public Health. His position is made possible through support of Alton Memorial Health Services Foundation.

“One of the best things about my jobs is that no two days are the same,” said Campbell. “I could teach children about bike helmet safety or provide continuing education to paramedics in our system.”

Campbell is the hospital resource to more than 35 agencies. He works closely with Dr. Angela Holbrook, EMS medical director for AMH, and educates community partners about pre-hospital medicine so that everyone has the proper training and delivers high-quality health care.

“I work with Alex to keep our policies and procedures current,” said Dr. Holbrook. “The emergency physician staff respects Alex’s experience and competence. We are appreciative of the training and oversight he provides.”

Campbell is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge. When he learns a new skillset, he teaches it to the paramedics at AMH and community partners.
“I am working on a critical care transport certification that will allow paramedics to act as critical care providers, so ambulances can transport more critical patients,” he said. “This certification will free up more advanced personnel because they no longer would have to accompany paramedics on those transports.”

Before being in this role, Campbell was a paramedic for 10 years and is currently the Bethalto fire chief. He has been in the shoes of the very people he is training.

“As an Advanced Life Support provider for emergency medical calls, we know that every minute counts,” said Wood River Fire Chief Brendan
McKee. “Alex is providing great continuing education for our paramedics and crews to administer life-saving care until an ambulance arrives on scene.”
“Whether he is working with volunteers or paramedics, he knows how to teach and coach people,” said Lisa Blaes, manager of Risk Management at AMH.

PHOTO: Alex Campbell, right, with Wood River Fire Chief Brendan McKee.

Feature provided by Alton Memorial Hospital

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