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Second Amendment rally to be held at Madison County Courthouse

The Madison County Friends of the Second Amendment will be hosting a pro-gun rights rally on the Madison County Courthouse steps in Edwardsville on Oct. 25 at 3:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in joining the peaceful pro-gun rally is encouraged to attend, or to join the group later that night for a free event at the Edwardsville American Legion Post 199 at 5 p.m.

County Board Member Don Moore of Troy is the chairman of the group and thinks this event is an opportunity for voters to be heard.

“Our Second Amendment rights in Illinois have faced many attacks in recent years,” Moore said. “It is important that elected leaders know that the Second Amendment has strong support in Madison County. We want to send a message to Springfield and Chicago that we support the Second Amendment and that laws that infringe on those rights should be stopped.”

The rally will include pro-gun rights speakers and local radio deejay Dereck Keith Cox from Collinsville will be the event MC. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with pro Second Amendment organizations and meet local elected officials who support gun ownership rights. Speakers will address the crowd and to encourage folks to contact elected leaders about preventing more anti-gun legislation in Illinois.

The group is encouraging voters to support the “gun sanctuary” referendum on the Madison County ballot in November and to let your voice be heard at the rally.

James Futrell, County Board Member from East Alton, who led the effort to get the referendum on the ballot stated: “The stakes are too high for gun owners to sit at home and not vote in this election. We need to come together to support this event and remind voters to turn out and vote ‘Yes’ on the referendum.”

The event is a celebration of constitutional gun ownership rights. All hunters, sportsman, and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to attend.

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