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Egyptian Workspace Partners Transforming Work Environments

p08 Baltz    Belleville-based Egyptian Workspace Partners is assisting employers across the Metro East in transforming their work environments to attract and keep the best employees.
    The company, which has been in business for more than a century, well understands the need to evolve and embrace changes in work styles that necessitate changes in work environments.
    “It’s a new day with regard to office environments, design and functionality,” said Kevin Baltz, director of interiors at Egyptian Workspace Partners. “Employers are competing to hire and retain the best of the best during a period of low unemployment. It’s time to find inspiration in every corner and accomplish more than employers ever thought possible, yet with a tight budget in mind. We’re here to help them do that.”
    Midwest Railcar Corp. and Prairie Farms Dairy are two clients for whom Egyptian created next-generation work environments at their corporate headquarters in Edwardsville.
    Egyptian assisted Prairie Farms with space planning approaches and space allocation for the dairy cooperative’s different workplace ecosystems: nomadic, resident, resource, meeting and social.
    “All of these zones were well thought out to maximize employee engagement, physical and emotional well-being,” said Brett Baltz, director of business development. “Work has become a social activity. As such, we need to equip spaces that support a human connection and that spark creative ideas.”
    Midwest Railcar Corp. sought Egyptian’s expertise via Steelcase brand furniture/space solutions in creating functional workspaces. Private executive offices combined with an open concept layout for team meetings are part of MRC’s overall design.
    “We worked with Midwest Railcar to maximize its space from a workflow perspective to include private offices and collaborative spaces,” said Brett Baltz. “Creating and furnishing an environment that lends itself to employee satisfaction and attracting top talent and clients to their business were top priorities.”
    In corporate boardrooms around the world, CEOs are recognizing that employee engagement is a serious, bottom-line issue, according to the Baltzes.
    “We’re convinced that one’s ‘place’ or business environment plays a critical role in that engagement level,” Brett Baltz said. “Organizations have continually thought of office furniture as an expense item. But that’s not how we think of it, and that’s not how highly effective organizations see it. Research has shown that the ideal company culture enables a firm to successfully recruit and retain the best people. We work with our clients to design workspace interiors that show a return on their investment.”

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