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Energy efficiency part of Madison County Jail renovation set to begin in July

With the Madison County Jail renovation about to start officials are planning to incorporate energy efficiency into the construction design, which could bring a substantial savings on the project.

madisoncountylogo2Director of Facilities Rob Schmidt met recently with an Ameren Illinois’ energy advisor to discuss cash incentives the county could receive on the jail renovation project. He said Ameren offers an energy efficiency program for public facilities.

Schmidt informed the Facilities Committee earlier this month that the program offers assistance for installing LED lighting and making HVAC and hot water heater upgrades along with assistance with new construction/renovation.

“These are similar to changes someone would make in their home,” Schmidt said.

By switching the lighting and making mechanical upgrades, the county would see an annual cost savings on its utility bills, he said. In an informational flyer presented to Schmidt by Ameren Illinois, Olin Brass took part in the energy efficiency program and the company received $530,000 in incentives and benefited by $1 million in annual savings.

The county could also receive a grant that would pay for a coordinator that would oversee the energy efficiency plan.

“Ameren Illinois offers a program for in-house resources,” Schmidt said. “If our staffing is stretched to thing a grant could provide money to hire a project manager to help us move our energy projects forward. The funding amount varies based on the estimated energy savings.”

The Facilities Department is also working in coordination with Planning and Development’s Resource Management Team to identify what the county can do to implement more green initiatives as well.

“We are looking into everything as a way to save costs toward being energy efficient,” Schmidt said.


Construction on the jail renovation is set to start in July.

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