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Louer Facility Planning, Inc.

p13 Paris    “Many businesses are facing a talent shortage. Hiring the right people and training them is more important than ever. Interior design and furnishings are the physical expression of your organization’s brand and cultural message. These elements have the power to help attract, engage and retain your employees. In a competitive job market, it is more important than ever for your workplace to be fresh, up-to-date and technologically enabled. We work closely with you to assist in planning, updating and furnishing your space to reflect your brand and retain your most valuable assets – your employees. Creating spaces that support workplace health, wellness and safety is vital to your employees’ satisfaction and well-being and in turn to your company’s success. Talk with us about how to create a work environment which accomplishes this for your business.”p13 Louer logo

Yvette Paris
Design Director
Louer Facility Planning, Inc.

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