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Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois

P13 Sauget    “As we celebrate our organization’s 35th anniversary, Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois remains committed to uniting the region for growth.

    Our core values include: maintaining the highest level of ethical behavior; building strong business integrity and trust; promoting fiscal transparency, accountability and responsibility; encouraging political bipartisanship with an inclusive spirit; working together for the benefit of the region; driving business and community investment and job creation.

p13 lcswil logo    As the second-largest population center in Illinois, our region is one-fourth of the St. Louis MSA population. We’re home to large domestic and international manufacturing, agriculture and logistics companies. Our workforce and our infrastructure are second to none. Scott Air Force Base, the largest employer in Southwestern Illinois, is anchored here. Due to our strong economic development foundation, the Leadership Council is able to continue telling Southwestern Illinois’ story.”

Ronda Sauget
Executive Director
Leadership Council
Southwestern Illinois

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