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Bill to block pay increase for Illinois legislators sent to Senate

Legislation to block an automatic pay increase for legislators and statewide elected office holders has been passed in the House and was sent this week to the Senate.

Among sponsors are Reps. Katie Stuart, D-Edwardsville, Monica Bristow, D-Godfrey, Jerry Costello II, D-Smithton, and Avery Bourne, R-Raymond.

“This is bipartisan legislation that every member of the General Assembly should be able and willing to support as a responsibility to our constituents,” said Stuart. “When hardworking families are struggling to make ends meet and when the schools are encountering numerous problems from the lack of adequate funding, we should be working harder than ever to make sure that we are representing the best interests of our communities, not getting a pay raise.”

House Bill 5760 blocks an automatic cost of living increase from going into effect and freezes travel reimbursement rates for lawmakers and statewide office holders. Stuart passed similar legislation last year.

“It is common sense legislation like this that all lawmakers can support to show they are committed to doing what is right for their constituents,” Stuart said. “As we proceed over the next month in Springfield, I will continue to work towards finding solutions to the fiscal problems in our state and identifying other ways to decrease the burden on our taxpayers.”

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