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Madison County officials pass resolution in support of U.S. Steel

EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County officials approved a resolution Monday recognizing the American steel industry and U.S. Steel Corp.’s Granite City Works.

The Government Relations Committee approved the resolution that will be presented to the County Board on March 21.

Board member Don Moore, of Troy, and chair of the Government Relations Committee, said he liked being able to present such a resolution.

madisoncountylogo2“This shows our support for the steel industry and the Granite City mill,” Moore said.

The resolution gives a brief history of the U.S. Steel plant in Granite City and how Madison County “supports the tariffs imposed on steel goods and protect the American Steel Industry and United States Steel Corp.”

U.S. Steel announced last week it would re-start Blast Furnace B, which would bring back as many as 500 laid-off workers.

Board member Nick Petrillo, of Granite City, made the motion to approve the resolution. Judy Kuhn, of Highland, seconded it.

Chairman Kurt Prenzler said the steel mill is a vital part of Madison County and of the Metro-East economy.

“The idling of the mill negatively impacted the local economy,” Prenzler said. “The decision by U.S. Steel to restart one of its blast furnaces is not just good for the steel industry, but good for our local economy.”


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