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Karla Smith Behavioral Health opens new outpatient therapeutic center in O’Fallon

karlasmithfoundationKarla Smith Behavioral Health cut the ribbon this month at its new headquarters, a center designed as a life-skill building and therapeutic facility that provides mental health treatment, rehabilitation and education through a full spectrum of services for individuals and families.

The facility is located in the newly renovated historic “Town Hall” in downtown O’Fallon, Ill.

“Today we are expanding our mission to transform more lives,” said Tom Smith, founder and president. “As we move into our center, it is very fitting that we will be working to improve the lives of families in a building that was originally constructed to serve the people of this area through service to others.”

Karla Smith Behavioral Health, formerly known as Karla Smith Foundation, has provided mental health supportive services to families since 2005. The new facility will allow the organization to offer full-time outpatient clinical therapy for addiction, depression, bi-polar and other behavioral health issues.

“We are also very proud to introduce a new therapeutic program called EmpowerU today,” said Emily Smith, executive director of KSBH. “It is specifically designed to assist today’s struggling young adults and their family in overcoming mental and behavioral health challenges through an integrated therapeutic model that supports the clinical, emotional, educational and spiritual journey into life-long recovery and independent living.”

The design of the building was very important in meeting the needs of today’s families. It incorporates the history of the building as well as modern amenities for both private and group therapy along with recreational activities.

“Our center was designed as a wellness center where individuals and families can come and work on living a strong and healthy life,” said Emily Smith. “In addition to outpatient therapy, we also have a variety of free support groups for families working through mental health issues and suicide grief as well as offering education and prevention programs through schools, churches, workplaces and beyond.”

“We have dedicated the last 12 years to helping dispel the myths about mental illness and to helping families navigate the fragmented mental health care system in our country,” said Tom Smith. “In our new headquarters, we will be able to help even more families by assisting them in getting the right diagnosis, treatment and care for their family member.”

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 1 in 4 American families will be affected by a mental illness this year. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one person dies by suicide every 13 minutes in the United States. World Health Organization statistics show suicide as the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide for those aged 15-44.

“We are working to change the state of mental health care one family at a time, which is why we are making the investment in this new headquarters.” said Emily Smith. “Our professional, licensed team of therapists and staff provide innovative solutions to help the entire family.”

The Karla Smith Foundation was created in 2005 by Tom, Fran and Kevin Smith as a non-for-profit organization dedicated to helping families affected by mental illness and suicide, following their daughter and Kevin’s twin sister, Karla Smith’s six-year battle with mental illness. Karla lost her fight with bi-polar disease to suicide.

During the last decade, the Foundation has grown from one local support group in Belleville, Illinois to providing thousands of families with access to counseling, intervention and support services across the U.S. with a professional staff and network of mental health organizations.

In the fall of 2017, KSF changed their name to Karla Smith Behavioral Health. The organization has been recognized by local, state and national mental health organizations, including the National Mental Health Alliance, as an agent of change.

To learn more contact Emily Smith, Executive Director at (618) 624-5771 or visit or email

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