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SIUE Executive Education offers professional development workshops

siuelogoThe SIUE School of Business Executive Education program’s upcoming project management courses and workshops are open for registration.

They are:

Spring 2018 Foundations of Project Management-PMP Prep
Fridays: Feb. 23, March 2, March 16, March 23 and March 30
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
Learn the basics and best practices of project management, and prepare for the PMP® certification. Successful completion awards the 35 educational hours required for the PMP® certification exam.

Growth Mindset
Friday, March 23
8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m., SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
How do you measure success and failure in your business? Do you focus primarily on results or do you reward your staff based on their efforts, ideas and how much they have achieved? Businesses and organizations that encourage people to believe they can develop, grow and improve, create innovative, forward-thinking, creative workplaces that embrace risk and use failure to learn. This is described as growth mindset culture. Growth mindset principles allow teams and individuals to continually develop. They also develop awareness of how individual and group attitudes impact the development and ability of others.
The learning outcomes of this workshop include:
• Understanding personal mindset and how to unleash blocks and potential
• Gain a greater understanding of how to strengthen our brain power and self-control
• How to implement positive decision making
• How to reframe information personally and with others to help aid a growth mindset
• Understanding how to manage personal learning processes to enhance development
• Starting to use communication skills and language that enhance a growth mindset
• Develop skills to give and receive feedback in a growth mindset way

Emotions in the Workplace
Friday, March 30
8 a.m.-noon, SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
This session will introduce several concepts associated with emotions in the workplace that can have dramatic impacts on employees and the way they complete and feel about their jobs. Specifically, we will discuss how emotions have been demonized in the context of “professional” circles, and how this has contributed to many struggling with how to manage them appropriately. We will discuss, in particular, emotional labor (or the energy and labor people often undergo to manage their own and others’ emotions within the workplace); emotional intelligence – the set of skills and abilities that enable one to manage emotions more effectively; emotional contagion; and emotional climate/culture of organizations. The format will be a mixture of presentation and interactive activities and discussions.

Organizational Sustainability
Friday, March 30
12:30- 4:30 p.m., SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
This session will introduce the concept of the Triple Bottom Line for Organizational Sustainability – Profits, People, Planet. We will cover why sustainability isn’t just another “responsibility” those in organizations have to contend with, but how it can be capitalized upon to propel an organization. We will cover both simple, short-term strategies, as well as more complex, long-term suggestions for sustainable business practices to implement. We also will discuss interventions at both the individual and organizational levels. The session will utilize a mixture of presentation, case studies/examples and group discussions.

Leading Virtual Teams
Friday, April 13
8 a.m.-noon, SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
This workshop will discuss leading and managing virtual teams effectively. You will learn about various tools, techniques, resources and how to utilize them, and how to involve everyone in the process. We will discuss on-site versus off-site participation and involvement. Examples will be provided from a management perspective and an employee perspective. You also will learn about the ground rules and assumptions in virtual teams and what works best – co-locating, global sourcing, etc., as well as historical references to what has worked best and what has not (best practices).

PM in a Cyber Security World
Friday, April 13
Noon-4:30 p.m., SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
In this workshop, we will explore the basic requirements needed to ensure a smooth implementation of a web application. The workshop will highlight some of the necessary requirements that at a minimum should be considered while developing a project plan. Considerations of web hosting facilities, appropriate infrastructure considerations, disaster recovery considerations, on-going maintenance minimum requirements, cloud usage, etc. We will not get into programming, but we will discuss at a high-level the pressures needed to ensure a solid project plan. Also, as we move into an Agile and DevOps world, we need to consider how much risk a company may need to accept in order to launch a web application.

AGILE Bootcamp
Thursday and Friday, April 19-20
8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
Don’t do Agile – BE Agile: An introduction to Agile using the Scrum Framework
Why Agile? – Learn the differences between Agile frameworks and the Waterfall methodology. Understand the Agile Manifesto and the Principles behind it.
What is Scrum? – Learn how to use Scrum and the first steps to begin an Agile transformation in your organization. This two-day workshop will guide you through the Scrum roles, events and artifacts. You’ll learn how to use relative estimation, write user stories, and plan Sprints through a combination of lecture, videos and hands on exercises.

Collaboration Techniques
Friday, April 20
8 a.m.-noon, SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
The course will describe a project built for and conducted by near-equals for mutual benefit (like a public-private partnership or a cooperative R&D agreement, etc.). The course will cover: the motivations for establishing a collaborative project environment, setting and managing stakeholder expectations, understanding how each participant defines value in their domains or disciplines, understanding and responding to the technical aspects of the project as well as the programmatic ones, defining joint work programs which deliver value to all parties, assigning resources, facilitating communications and knowledge management, understanding risks, detecting and mitigating problems, monitoring progress, and delivering expected joint products.

Power and Influence in Projects
Friday, April 20
12:30- 4:30 p.m., SIUE Main Campus – Founders Hall
We have all had challenges with getting the information we need, or getting the action we need out of those assigned to our project teams, or support our projects from other organizations. We know that we have to be successful, but we just don’t know what “trigger” to use. Come spend an afternoon with John P. Laverdure, PMP, a Senior IT Project Manager at KPMG, while he shares some real challenges and practical solutions to some of your toughest Power and Influence challenges.

To register, call Kristine Jarden at 618-650-2668 or Deanna Lotter at 618-650-5440 or visit:

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