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Two St. Louis companies working on neighborhood smart-technology concept

Two St. Louis-based companies plan to initiate development of a new, smart-technology, public platform for use in the digital world.

ineighborhoodslogoTheir first smart neighborhood project is expected to be announced soon.

The companies, iNeighborhoods and Q-Net Security, have partnered to take the first steps in what they say is the development of a robust, community-oriented, smart technology public platform.

Safety and security are critical issues for all cities, communities, businesses, and residents. Increasingly “smart” technologies have the capability of integrating high-speed fiber wireless connectivity, with civic applications such as transportation, video monitoring and access to the Internet of Things, which is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics and network connectivity that enables these objects to connect and exchange data.

Smart technology developments can enrich communities, increase their opportunities, and capture safety, security and activity data. The new data that is collected becomes paramount in effectively addressing public safety concerns and stimulating economic growth.

“Smart neighborhoods are an essential building block for all Smart Cities,” said iNeighborhoods’ co-founder David Sandel. “By building one neighborhood at a time, we can blend public safety with cybersecurity for a more cost-effective community solution. A community development solution which engages both neighborhood businesses and residents throughout the community, can lead to secure and sustainable growth on both sides of Delmar Boulevard and Forest Park Art Hill.”

Jerry Cox, Founder of Q-Net Security adds that, “Strong cybersecurity is key to the development of smart neighborhoods that combine public safety technology and high-speed private networking.“ With the promise of improved public safety, a more secure digital world, and amazing smart technologies, St. Louis will have the opportunity to build a comprehensive and inclusive public platform.

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About iNeighborhoods

iNeighborhoods seeks to build inclusive, cost effective digital neighborhoods for cities in North America, using high speed Smart City data infrastructure that attracts and creates employment and business opportunities for neighborhood start-up companies.

About Q-Net Security

Q-Net Security Inc. (Q-Net), is a cybersecurity company based in St. Louis, founded in 2015 by a team of technologists, engineers and security experts.

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