HireLevel makes donation to Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities

EDWARDSVILLE — HireLevel powered by Extra Help, one of the region’s largest women-owned employment, payroll, and workforce management companies, has donated $1,265 to the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities.


“The Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities is so grateful for the donation made by HireLevel. Our initiatives and projects would not be made possible without the support of organizations and residents throughout the community,” said Dr. Hightower, Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities Foundation executive director.

The center’s stresses the importance of the humanities to this region, and investing in the core principles of respect, dignity, understanding and forgiveness.
To learn more about the MJCHF mission and programs or how you can participate or contribute to their cause, visit http://www.mjchf.org/page/about-the-foundation/

To continue following the #HireLevelDifference Campaign you can search the hashtag on Facebook or check out the HireLevel blog.


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