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Babcock slams Dems over legislative appointment

Mike Babcock, candidate for Illinois 111th state representative, criticized the process by which Democrats quickly filled the seat he is seeking in next year’s election.

babcock mikeBabcock’s campaign sent out the following statement on Dan Beiser vacating his seat early and the appointment of Monica Bristow to take his place on an interim basis.

“In typical Madison County insider fashion, a last-minute backroom deal has been struck. Swapping out one Mike Madigan loyalist for another won’t make the Metro East stronger. It’s a new name with the same disastrous results for taxpayers. I believe the people are ready for a change and I’m ready to provide a new direction for our state with lower taxes, less spending, balanced budgets, a growing economy and the end of Madigan’s tyrannical reign over Illinois.”

Bristow, a Democrat, had previously filed to seek the office, but was appointed Monday following Beiser’s sudden resignation on Sunday. There was a year left on his term, which gives her an incumbent advantage going into next November, when she and Babcock are expected to vie for the office.

Bristow is from Godfrey, and Babcock is from Bethalto. The 111th District takes in many of the communities in Metro East.

Babcock is Wood River Township supervisor. His office sent out a press release on Tuesday touting the office’s ability to rein in taxes. At a meeting Tuesday night, the Wood River Township Board voted to freeze the township’s tax levy for the eighth straight year.

“Escalating property taxes are a huge concern,” said Babcock. “I’m proud that we’ve rolled up our sleeves and worked hard to freeze our levy for the eighth year in a row.”

Illinois now ranks second in the nation for the highest amount of property taxes paid by its residents.1 In 2016, Illinois lost more residents than any other state mostly due to enormous property taxes, high income tax rates, and better employment opportunities in other state, he said.

Freezing the levy has not held the township back from providing better service.

“We’ve actually been able to improve township services, make health insurance affordable to our employees and their children, revamp our parks, and create Northern Madison County’s first bike trail.” Township trustee Patrick McRae said.”


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