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New commission to study future development at Edwardsville Township Park

edwardsvilletownshipplanerestorationEdwardsville Township Supervisor Frank Miles has appointed a commission to guide the future development of Edwardsville Township Community Park at 6368 Center Grove Road in Edwardsville.

“Over the past four years, we have worked extremely hard to update the existing infrastructure at Township Park,” Miles said recently, citing resurfacing of tennis courts, renovation of restrooms to be energy efficient and ADA accessible and installation of all-season restrooms to provide year-round access to facilities in the park.

He also cited increased use of renewable energy sources with the addition of a solar panel, PEV charger and solar-powered water heater. And, the restoration of the U.S. Navy A7 Corsair on display in the park is nearly complete.

The Park Development Commission is intended to create a thoughtful plan to future development. Members include:

– Gina Grebing, representing Edwardsville Rotary Club;

– Junior Service Club President Kelly Viehl;

– County Board member Jamie Goggin, serving as a resident of Edwardsville;

– Former County Board member Brenda Roosevelt, serving as a resident of Glen Carbon, and

– Greg Brummit, chair and president of the Nature Preserve Foundation and the Edwardsville Watershed.

Edwardsville Township Trustee Kevin Hall will serve as the commission’s liaison to the board.

The commission will focus on development of a park master plan, review of current regulations and fees, addressing outstanding facility maintenance, evaluating current park-related staffing, coordination with MCT, and soliciting citizen input.

“I am extremely pleased with the caliber of members who have volunteer their time and talents to improve our community through this commission. They represent a wide cross-section of our community that includes recreational and community involvement experts and neighbors to our park,” said Miles.

Edwardsville Township is comprised of the city of Edwardsville, village of Glen Carbon and unincorporated areas just outside of these two municipalities.

PHOTO: Restoration of the U.S. Navy A7 Corsair on display in Edwardsville Township Park. (File photo)

— The Illinois Business Journal




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