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Support for school funds appreciated

To the editor,

    On behalf of the school board members and administrators who serve throughout the state, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Representative Charlie Meier for his support of the appropriations bill and the accompanying revenue package recently approved by the Illinois House of Representatives.
    The provisions contained in SB 6 and SB 9 will allow school districts across the State of Illinois to remain operational for the 2017-2018 school year. The members of our organizations are proud to stand behind those legislators who stepped up and made the politically tough vote to save not only public education, but also higher education, social services and the other services necessary for our state to survive.
    The greatest investment that we can make for our state’s future is in the education of the students who will become tomorrow’s leaders. We are grateful that leaders like Representative Meier took the bold step to support legislation necessary to end the long-standing budget stalemate and fund the future of our state.
    Passage of a comprehensive, balanced state budget is a necessary step in restoring the stability of our local public schools and of our state. Support of this budget legislation shows the strong commitment to our local schools and to our students. Thank you, Rep Meier, for having the courage to be a champion for our school children.

Roger Eddy, executive director,
Illinois Assoc. of School Boards
Dr. Brent Clark, executive director,
Illinois Assoc. of School Adminis.

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