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New law streamlines how state buys billions in goods and services each year

SPRINGFIELD – A newly signed law aims to streamline how Illinois buys billions of dollars in goods and services each year, and elected leaders who fostered its bipartisan passage are strongly supportive of it.

State Sen. Pat McGuire, D-Joliet, and state Rep. David S. Olsen, R-Downers Grove, issued a joint statement this month after Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 8, the omnibus procurement legislation, into law. It is known as Public Act 100-0043.

“Our public university presidents have repeatedly told me that poorly thought-out procurement rules on buying goods and services have hampered students and faculty,” McGuire said. “For example, acquiring federally funded research equipment can take twice as long in Illinois as in other states. Senate Bill 8 fixes that while retaining anti-corruption safeguards. Like the bipartisan, balanced budget, this is a move toward returning Illinois higher education to full strength.”

“These reforms to the state’s purchasing system will ease burdensome regulations and save our public institutions money, especially our universities,” said Olsen. “This legislation will allow for a more competitive process and ultimately lower costs when state agencies, universities and institutions purchase goods and services. The bill was negotiated through a bipartisan effort and stands as a prime example of the positive results that can be achieved when we all work together.”

As approved in the House and Senate, SB 8 streamlines the procurement system to allow for more competitive pricing while still maintaining stringent oversight and transparency in the process. The final version of the bill received unanimous support in the House and Senate.

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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