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Senior Services Plus

p12 Becker    Senior Services Plus is planning on breaking ground on $1.7 million dollar Pathways To Wellness Campaign to bring affordable wellness to individuals as they age. Communities all across the United States are bracing for a population explosion of people over age 65. There is no precedent for this growth – it’s the first time in all of mankind. 
    In Madison County there will be 30% more people over age 60 in the next 16 years.  And with that reality is that they will live 20 years longer than they did just a few decades ago.  All across the country, communities are scrambling to figure out how to take care of this aging citizenry. With longevity comes chronic health problems that collectively will put an enormous strain on healthcare costs, not to mention quality of life.
    It is this intersection of living longer and living better, longer that prompts us to undertake an expansion project that we call Pathway to Wellness. 
    The new state of the art Wellness Center measures 8,015 square feet and will have an indoor walking track, 55 pieces of fitness equipment a 1,800 square foot group exercise classroom to support an expanded membership of 3,000 individuals.   Annual membership fees start at $100 for individual’s age 55 or older and top out at $150 for individuals age 54 and under. Included in this membership fee is the use of all equipment and all access to any of the 22 different classes offered 50 times per week.
p12 SSP    We know that wellness programs make a positive impact on health. Reduction of cancers, lowering blood pressure, and stopping diabetes in its track.  People are hungry for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.  Right here in Alton, Illinois we’ve been ahead of the curve, addressing this problem so that people cannot just live longer, but live better, longer.SSP is the most unique community center for individuals as they age in a three state area and will continue to be a leader in aging because of innovative programs like the Pathway to Wellness.   We invite you to be part of the project and make our communist a better [place to live, work and retire.   Please call (465) 465-3298.

Jonathan Becker
Executive Director

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