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Joslin Diabetes Center first in central Illinois region to offer new closed loop system for diabetes patients

minimedThe Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at HSHS Medical Group in Springfield says it is the first healthcare provider in central and southern Illinois to offer a new, advanced system for delivery of insulin to the body.

The MiniMed 670G is the first FDA-approved hybrid closed loop system, an insulin pump designed to automatically deliver a personalized amount of background (basal) insulin needed by the body 24 hours a day.

For patients with type 1 diabetes who don’t have the ability to produce insulin like those with a healthy pancreas, the system will learn their insulin needs via an intelligent algorithm and deliver a tailored amount of insulin every five minutes to maximize the time their glucose levels stay in a healthy range.

“This technology is a significant breakthrough for patients with type 1 diabetes as it will take on more of the work for patients and alleviate some of the mental burden associated with daily management,” said Poornima Jayaramaiah, MD, board certified endocrinologist at Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at HSHS Medical Group in Springfield. “I’m confident this therapy will improve patient outcomes as demonstrated by the pivotal trial that studied the device, and enhance quality of life. We’re proud to be the first in the region and one of the first in the nation to be able to offer it.”

The MiniMed 670G system features a new advanced glucose sensor with enhanced accuracy and performance, and can be worn for up to seven days. The system is approved for patients with type 1 diabetes ages 14 years of age or older.

“The greatest advantage with the new technology is the capability to achieve good, consistent blood sugar levels with fewer incidences of high or low blood sugars,” Jayaramaiah said. “With the new technology, studies demonstrated that the amount of time patients spend in a good target range increased with less exposure to high or low sugar levels.”

The MiniMed 670G system delivers a variable rate of insulin 24 hours a day based on the personalized needs of the patient, maximizing the time glucose levels are within the target range. It is designed to learn what an individual’s insulin needs are and to take action to minimize both high and low glucose levels. As a result, the system requires minimal input – patients only need to enter mealtime carbohydrates, accept bolus correction recommendations, and periodically calibrate the sensor.

“A key component of delivering patient-first care is empowering our providers with the latest available technology and this new medical device supports this goal beautifully,” said Melinda Clark, CEO of HSHS Medical Group. “We are proud to be the first in our region to bring access to this level of technology to the patients we serve.”

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that results when the pancreas stops making insulin. Of those who live with diabetes, about 5 percent have type 1 diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes is growing and today approximately 1.25 million American children and adults have type 1 diabetes.

“This new hybrid closed loop technology is a solution that providers and patients alike havebeen hoping for. It will help us deliver the best possible care for patients who may be struggling currently,” Jayaramaiah said. “When we help patients achieve their targets and goals — whether it is with diabetes or another health problem — ultimately we can prevent complications and help them achieve a more normal and enhanced quality of life.”

PHOTO: The MiniMed 670G system is the first FDA-approved hybrid closed loop system that brings a new level of ‘normal’ to type 1 diabetes patients. Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at HSHS Medical Group is first in the region to offer this latest technology.

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