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New music production program debuts this fall at LCCC

lcccmusicprogramGODFREY – Students looking for a career in the music and entertainment industry can sign up for a new Music Production degree and certificate program beginning this fall at Lewis and Clark Community College.

“There are a lot of students interested in combining their musical skills with cutting edge technology,” said L&C Music Coordinator Louis Michael. “They want to pursue careers in music engineering technology, music production, recording and sound engineering and potentially supervisory positions. The degree and certificates we are now offering will give them the skills and education for these careers.”

Beginning in Fall 2017, Lewis and Clark’s Music Department will offer an Associate in Applied Science in Music Production (60 credit hours), as well as a Certificate of Proficiency (30 credit hours) and a Certificate of Completion (20 credit hours).

The Music Production program provides an introduction to the field, including digital recording with Pro-Tools, Midi production, music video production and music notation software. Students will also participate in private vocal and/or instrumental lessons accompanied by participation in multiple ensembles.

The majority of coursework for this program concentrates on music performance, recording and sound technology, although some general education courses may be required.

Graduates of this program can work as full-time staff members for recording studios, broadcast networks, live audio production companies, small video production companies, or one of the many music technology merchandising companies.

“Many creative musicians are freelance workers. Other self-employed workers operate their own recording studios,” Louis said. “These skills will be an asset to those musicians, and others looking to work in the music industry.

Contact the Music Department at (618) 468-4731 or visit for more information.

PHOTO: Students work in the music production lab at Lewis and Clark Community College, located in the basement of the Benjamin Godfrey Memorial Chapel. Photo by Paige Allen, L&C media specialist/photographer

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