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America’s Central Port

p16 Americas Port Chip King    “America’s Central Port District has served as an economic development engine in Southwestern Illinois for nearly 60 years.
    “We set out to create jobs and promote investment into the transportation infrastructure in our region; that has turned into the Port assisting many St. Louis based manufacturers with their transportation challenges.  I have had the distinct pleasure of being part of this great team as a member of the Board of Commissioners since 1992, and currently serve as Board Chairman.  
    “Through my leadership role at the Port District, I have been given the opportunity to help my home community grow, and to help position the St. Louis Region as the transportation powerhouse it was designed to be. The recent completion of 4.25 miles of new rail track and 152,000 square feet of new warehouse development at the Port highlight our commitment to economic growth.
p16 Americas Port Logo    “Our team will continue to work with businesses throughout the region to understand their challenges so that together we can build a world of transPORTunity. We are on track to do just that.”

Dr. Charles King, Jr.
Board Chairman
America’s Central Port

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