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Fox News Channel is not what it used to be

To the editor:
    Those of us who have watched Fox News Channel for the previous 20 years did so because that news channel expressed our view of the world.  We sought a view which was more recognizable than that expressed on all the other existing television news and cable news outlets.  At FNC we sought a view which would have been recognized and embraced by our fathers and mothers, our grandfathers and grandmothers.  Embraced by those who came home after fighting WWI or WWII. 
    But now, FNC is being changed.  The founder of FNC, Rupert Murdoch, has turned the reins over to his two adult sons; James and Lachlan.  Unfortunately, they seem more interested in presenting programming which represents their political point of view, than what has attracted longtime viewers like me. 
    Like other large media owners, they wish to reduce programming to pablum; and they intend to force feed it to us.  They appear to be attached to the concept of globalism.  Neither son seems particularly attached to America or America’s founding ideals. 
    So, those of you who are (or were) FNC viewers, where do we go next for our news and information?

LEE A. PRESSER, Manchester, Mo.

 Single payer health-care model would work

To the editor:
    RE: your article “Nobody knew this could be so complicated” on Page 20, April 2017, Illinois Business Journal, the topic, health care should be separated from the job.
    I support the “single payer model” for financing health care. I am a retired professor of nursing with about 45 years in nursing in various roles. Too much time and money are spent trying to avoid paying for health care for poor people and for those with catastrophic problems. My oldest daughter and her husband were both post docs doing research in Israel when their second child was born. The Israeli system does work. Their day care system was affordable.
    I have used Medicare for 15 years and have no complaints. My husband used Medicare for 19 years until his death in August of 2016 without problems.
    The costs of medications, durable medical equipment, tests, insurance, deductibles and copays are very high. Obamacare worked for some people with low incomes but for others that I personally know, it created a financial problem.
    Poor people living on minimum wages simply do not make enough money to pay for health care. Wages are low for many. Poor people working several part-time minimum wage jobs cannot afford health care as defined by President Obama or the current administration.
    Does anyone know how much health care costs taxpayers for state and federal employees, elected officials, and judges (while working and when retired)?

BSN, MSN, Ed.D., MBA, (retired prof. of nursing)

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