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EWR Architects, Inc.

p11 Reichert    “In EWR’s 33rd year of providing design services to hundreds of clients, we reflect on our success in realizing our initial goals and objectives.  Aside from producing award – winning, cost effective and attractive design projects and having fun doing it, we had other aspirations.  Building relationships as much as structures and becoming a trusted resource for clients were all initial goals.  
    “During 2017 we conducted a survey of clients, consultants and contractors with whom we have worked. What we learned is that we are perceived by them as we had hoped.  Overwhelmingly, our clients perceive EWR Architects as efficient, creative, consistent, professional, responsive, and valuable to them.  Almost 100% percent of them were more than likely to engage EWR again, for any size project. p11 EWROur design ability, customer service and practical problem solving abilities were ranked as excellent. Our most important goal was to build relationships that last – and we have.
    “Proud of our role in shaping the built environment, we look forward to making our client’s happy they chose EWR.”

Bill Reichert
EWR Architects, Inc.

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