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Commerce Bank

p09 Commerce Gomric Matt    “Since joining Commerce Bank in 2016, I’ve especially appreciated the bank’s collaborative spirit. I work closely with colleagues throughout the bank, including the wealth management team and The Commerce Trust Company. Senior management is readily available to make decisions promptly and help expedite the process. Being aligned as a team makes us more efficient because we can get feedback to the customer faster, allowing me to provide better service to clients. This is crucial because to me banking is about building strong relationships.
    “Every business, and business owner, is different. In order to develop a strategic plan that will meet a business’s short and long term goals, it’s important to ask questions, listen and learn about their operations. Only then can we leverage Commerce’s robust suite of products and services to help with challenges like cash flow, expense management and real estate acquisition.
    “When I meet with business owners, I prefer to visit them at the location of their business. I’ve enjoyed working with a range of businesses, from family-owned to publically traded, and in many p09 CommerceBank Logo NoBkgnddifferent industries. I’ve been able to foster relationships with business owners and operators throughout Southwestern Illinois, from Springfield to Carbondale.
    “With retail locations in Columbia, Belleville, Shiloh and Edwardsville, Commerce is investing in innovative video conferencing technology to connect branches throughout the region. At the Edwardsville branch, customers can speak to a specialist in another branch without having to make a special trip or appointment. I’m also able to hold face to face meetings with colleagues through video. We’re able to collaborate in real time, saving time and resources so that we can help the customer as efficiently as possible.”

Matt Gomric
President, Metro East Region
Commerce Bank

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