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Alton Memorial Hospital

p15 Alton Memorial Dave Braasch    “A primary goal for Alton Memorial Hospital is to improve access to care for our patients. As we continue to recruit new physicians and mid-level providers such as nurse practitioners to the community, we need to ensure there is suitable, well-designed space in which the team can deliver top-notch care to our patients using the new care delivery model.
    With that in mind, Alton Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that the start of construction for a new Medical Office Building is just a couple of weeks away. The new building will connect to the current Medical Office Building B. The $8 million project will add 41,000 square feet of new office space (on two floors) to the campus. Upon completion, the new space is expected to accommodate offices for pediatrics, primary care, OB/GYN, internal medicine, psychiatry and an outpatient lab. The building is tentatively scheduled to open in early 2018.
    This project reflects Alton Memorial Hospital’s commitment to the region. We believe it will be a positive development for our patients, p15 Alton Memorialmedical staff, employees and the communities we serve.
    The architect for the project is Archimages, a leader and innovator in sustainable health care design. The project’s general contractor is The Korte Company.”

Dave Braasch
Alton Memorial Hospital

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