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County, animal groups partnering on adoption day

EDWARDSVILLE — Madison County is planning to raise the “woof” for animals this week.

Madison County Animal Control is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society, Metro East Humane Society and Partners for Pets from 3 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday to host a microchip clinic and adoption day. The event will be held in the plaza between the Administration Building and Courthouse.

The microchip clinic is being held in recognition of National Pet ID week, which is held annually nationwide to educate owners on getting identification for their pets in case the animals become lost. The cost to microchip a pet will be $15. The cost to register a microchipped animal is free at Remember Found Animals,

Two of the county’s rescue groups were asked to participate in the adoption event, which is being held prior to the County Board meeting where a resolution will be voted on “setting a goal to save healthy and adoptable dogs and cats in the possession of animal control by Dec. 31, 2021.”

The Public Safety Committee passed the resolution on April 10. The resolution states the county will work on a comprehensive plan in collaboration with individuals and organizations to include humane societies and rescue groups including Partners 4 Pets, Metro East Humane Society, Hope Rescue, Highland Animal Shelter, 4 Paws Sake, Spencer’s Rescue, Gateway Pet Guardians and Five A’s to save adoptable dogs and cats.

Chairman Kurt Prenzler said pet owners are passionate about their canines and felines and he knows partnering with rescue groups and organizations will help save the lives of hundreds of animals that are euthanized each year in Madison County.

“This is something I said I would do if elected chairman and this is what county residents want as well,” Prenzler said.

Madison County records show more than 2,000 animals were received at animal control in 2016 and half were euthanized.

“Best Friends Animal Society supports public-private partnerships that can save the lives of dogs and cats,” Ledy VanKavage, a legislative attorney with Best Friends Animals Society, said.

VanKavage said as a life-long resident of Madison County she applauds county board members and Prenzler for the commitment to improve the save rate for animals.

“Hundreds of cities and counties across the country are collaborating with nonprofits and now saving over 90 percent of the pets they bring in,” she said. “Madison County can do this too. The microchip clinic, adoption event and the ‘no-kill’ resolution is a great starting point to save lives and tax dollars.”

“Metro East Humane Society is pleased to be partnering with Madison County and Partners for Pets for the adoption event,” Anne Schmidt, executive director of MEHS, said. “Initiatives like Wednesday’s event helps bring awareness and encourages the public to adopt from their local shelters.”

Erika Pratte, Partners for Pets project manager, said the rescue is always working to re-home and reconcile any and all unwanted animals in the Madison County area.
“We are ecstatic to be teaming up with Chairman Prenzler, Madison County and Metro East Humane Society to help make that dream come true,” Pratte said.
MEHS adoption rates for the event will be $125. Partners for Pets will take $25 off all its adoption fees during the event.
Prenzler said the county is making progress and knows going “no-kill” will take time.

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