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Litchfield helmet maker strikes partnership agreement with Pro Gear Sports


LITCHFIELD – Schutt Sports, one of football’s leading helmet and protective equipment companies, has reached a partnership with Pro Gear Sports, a premium and custom shoulder pad supplier to the NFL and NCAA.

schuttsportsThe agreement will give access to the entire line of Pro Gear Sports’ shoulder pads and accessories to the entire Schutt Sports network of team dealers, located throughout the United States and North America. In return, Schutt Sports will be able to offer a premium, customizable product line to its most high profile customers in the NFL, NCAA and high school markets.
“Pro Gear shoulder pads are the ultimate custom shoulder pads and accessories available to the elite football player today,” said Kip Meyer, general manager of Schutt Sports. “It’s a level of product and service that’s being demanded of us more and more every day. This partnership with Pro Gear Sports gives us the opportunity to meet the most compelling demands of our customers, not only in terms of technologically advanced products but in quality of service.”

“Our locker room is filled with elite athletes who are very demanding of their equipment,” said Jeff Baily, head equipment manager at the University of South Alabama. “They like having one-of-a-kind products that are custom designed just for them. Pro Gear Sports has always impressed me with their ability to come into a locker room, talk with the players or me and figure out exactly what’s needed. They combine great technology and products and then create a custom shoulder pad that’s equal to the players’ demands.”
Pro Gear Sports is based in Jacksonville, Fla., and makes all of its shoulder pads in that location. Fred Williams, founder of Pro Gear Sports, says this agreement is a great fit for his company.

“We create the most customized shoulder pads on the football field for the most demanding athletes in the world,” said Williams. “Schutt Sports creates the most customized football helmets in the game. We’re both dedicated to providing athletes with the game’s most advanced protective gear and then customizing it to their exacting preferences.”

In addition, Pro Gear Sports also offers reconditioning for shoulder pads. The process occurs between football seasons, repairing and refurbishing shoulder pads for teams across the country. Many NFL and NCAA teams use Pro Gear Sports to recondition their shoulder pads each offseason.

About Schutt Sports

Litchfield-based Schutt Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of protective equipment in the world, including football helmets, shoulder pads, protective apparel and padding, and more.

      From the Illinois Business Journal via Business Wire

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