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LCCC’s nursing program pass rates exceed national average


GODFREY – Lewis and Clark Community College’s nursing program now boasts an 86 percent pass rate for the National Council Licensure Examination, which surpasses the 2016 national average of 85 percent for all baccalaureate and ADN programs.

lewisandclarklogo“The faculty’s efforts to facilitate student learning and create meaningful learning experiences for nursing students is reflected in the increased NCLEX-RN pass rates,” said Director of Nursing Education Sheri Banovic.

NCLEX exams test the knowledge, skills and abilities that are essential for the safe and effective practice of nursing.

“All faculty and staff in nursing have been working hard to develop a new curriculum and have flipped the classroom to focus on more active learning experiences,” Banovic said.

Students are expected to arrive in class on time and prepared to discuss the concepts for the day. During class, students discuss case studies and problems to apply the concepts they’re learning to real world situations. Every semester integrates clinical experiences in LCCC’s nursing simulation lab, where classes can discuss and practice situations that students may not see in hospitals, extended care, or other community settings.

Learning Assessment Specialist Dawna Egelhoff said the program is also changing how students think about the exams and their work at Lewis and Clark.

“More and more students who don’t have to are coming to me,” Egelhoff said. “They understand that it’s all about their enhancement. We concentrate on what’s going right.”
Enhancement may come in the form of organizational skills and tips for balancing heavy school schedules with personal life, note taking, test taking, group study sessions, concept thinking or practicing skill application.

“We have a terrific team here at Lewis and Clark and the outstanding pass rates are a product of that hard work and dedication of everyone involved,” said Dean of Career
Programs Sue Czerwinski.

The state and national average pass rate for the NCLEX in 2016 was 85 percent Nationally, ADN program NCLEX pass rates are at 82 percent.

For more information on the program, visit or contact Division Assistant Diane McDonough at (618) 468-4401 or

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