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IKOR opens life-care management branch to serve region

Seniors in St. Louis and Southern Illinois, individuals with physical or mental disabilities, as well as their family members and appointed legal and fiduciary advisors, have gained a resource for tackling the complex responsibilities of managing health care, day-to-day tasks and quality-of-life concerns.

ikorlogoIKOR, a growing network of offices offering health care and financial advocacy and life-care management, has opened a new branch serving the region.

Kirkwood resident Todd Chollet, PT, DPT, CSA, a graduate of the Washington University School of Medicine with a doctorate in physical therapy, serves as managing director of IKOR. As a certified senior advisor and a licensed physical therapist, Chollet has spent years helping clients regain physical function and advising them on optimizing quality of life in a safe environment.

He is also a former compliance officer and investment analyst for Moneta Group, a Registered Investment Advisor. That background, he says, gives him insight into identifying and addressing predatory behavior and financial mismanagement, two areas in which IKOR specializes.

“I have experienced first-hand the confusing, fragmented and disorganized state of our medical system, and have assisted multiple family members in coordinating care and making sense of recommendations, treatments and bills from stakeholders throughout the medical system,” Chollet says. “IKOR’s assessments, recommendations and oversight are unbiased and objective, allowing for clear judgment when deciding what is in the client’s best interest.”

IKOR’s comprehensive care management solution consists of Registered Nurse Advocates who have specialized training from IKOR and a thorough understanding of medical advocacy. They help navigate the complex and often fragmented care systems, determine each client’s specific medical needs and coordinate the delivery of care services.

They are available to established clients every day to address health-care management, environmental or psychosocial crises. Specially trained staff are on-call in each office and can handle power of attorney authorizations, provide financial advocacy such as tackling routine bill-pay, and ensure that clients receive all public-program assistance to which they are entitled.

IKOR uses a copyrighted, proprietary database-driven system, Datikor, to ensure real-time access to client information.

Judy Thomas, a registered nurse with more than 25 years of health-care experience, will serve as register nurse advocate for IKOR. Thomas was care manager for special needs with Humana, director of an assisted living community, admissions coordinator for long-term acute care at Kindred Hospital, referral specialist with St. Anthony’s Home Health, and admissions coordinator, nurse navigator and clinical liaison with SSM Rehabilitation Hospital.

“Judy will work with our clients to determine their medical needs and coordinate the delivery of care services to ensure that those needs are being met and that our clients’ personal preferences are being fulfilled,” says Chollet. “I am very confident that coupling her background with mine and with the support of the IKOR system behind us, we will be extremely beneficial in mitigating stress and maximizing quality of life for families throughout our community.”

IKOR now offers Life Care Management services. This may include:

– navigating the health-care system and advocating for proper care;
– choosing the best living arrangements;
– paying bills to ensure necessary products and services continue uninterrupted;
– weeding out fraudulent offers and other scam mail;
– serving as an objective third-party immune to the pressures of internal family conflict;
– and other activities designed to alleviate the excessive demands on time, emotional exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed that often accompany major life decisions or when separated by too long a distance to be on-call throughout the day, every day.

IKOR is located at 111 Westport Plaza Drive, Suite 600, in St. Louis. To inquire about services, contact Todd Chollet at (314) 764-5671 or or visit

      From the Illinois Business Journal

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