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OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center to move operations from St. Clare’s campus


ALTON — OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center plans to move or close a number of services at its St. Clare’s campus as part of a long-term effort to convert to a one-campus facility and better address community health needs.

pathak ajayIn addition, the hospital said a new cancer center, a larger network of primary care services and stepped-up physician recruitment will take place as part of the plan, which has been months in the making.

A gradual decrease in the number of hospital jobs is also part of the overall plan, officials said.

The decision of what becomes of the St. Clare’s facility in the 900 block of East Fifth Street will be made during the next several months, the hospital said.

Leaders of Saint Anthony’s outlined a series of investments and actions that they say are designed to transform health care for area residents.

The plans underscore OSF HealthCare’s commitment to improving access and providing quality health care to patients in a setting close to home, officials said in a statement.

“The OSF Saint Anthony’s plan for transformation requires careful stewardship of resources. One objective is to create a more unified health center campus that results in better access for patients,” said President and CEO A.J. Pathak (left) said. To do this, OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center will move selected services that now are at the Saint Clare’s campus to the Saint Anthony’s campus.

Saint Anthony’s also will move selected clinical programs and services to locations separate from the hospital building.

Services that will move from Saint Clare’s campus are:
• Psychological Services will move to a more convenient location in the community. OSF Saint Anthony’s Community Health Needs Assessment report identified these services as one of the top priorities for the region.
• Outpatient Therapies, such as physical, occupational and speech therapy, will relocate to another site where they will be easily accessible and convenient.
• Sleep Lab will move to a different location.
• Diabetes Services will be integrated into OSF Saint Anthony’s Physician Group and be led by the area’s only full-time endocrinologist.
• Home Care and Hospice Care will move off campus into the community.
• Pharmacy and Lab Services will be integrated into OSF Saint Anthony’s main campus.

“Our overall strategy is to bring the right care to the right place at the right time for patients,” Pathak said. “Developing a more unified health center for the whole River Bend region allows our services to be more conveniently located for patients. We also can offer patients better coordination by operating one hospital campus.”

OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center said it will move toward a single, unified campus over the course of this year, making transitions over the next nine months or so.

“We plan to seek input and work with the River Bend region’s civic and business leaders on the continued revitalization of our community and economy to determine the best future use of the Saint Clare’s campus,” Pathak said.

OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center will continue to operate Saint Clare’s Villa and maintain its obligation to residents and regulatory bodies until an opportunity to transition the Villa arises. The health center’s administration will pursue and discuss with other organizations the prospect of owning and operating the Villa.

Several programs currently at Saint Clare’s will be discontinued, likely by the end of 2017.

Those programs are: in-patient rehabilitation services; inpatient skilled nursing; adult day services; and outpatient wound care. OSF Saint Anthony’s will work with other providers in the community to make sure that the needs for these services will continue to be met.

As OSF Saint Anthony’s moves toward a unified campus over the course of this year, there will be a gradual reduction of some jobs in some departments.

“We are committed to helping the persons in those positions to find new placements – either within the OSF HealthCare Ministry or with other organizations. OSF HealthCare is known for taking great care in helping its Mission Partners with job transitions and we will exercise the same compassion and support as we work to unify our two campuses,” Pathak said.

OSF Saint Anthony’s said it is continuing its progression to a new model where patients are at the center of health care, and services are built around what patients need and want. The health center is adding convenient sites throughout the region and creating care teams that provide a coordinated, holistic approach to the health-care experience.

Highlights of the OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center plans include the following investments and benefits to the community:

• Building a new comprehensive cancer center with new technology, services and physicians all in one location on the Saint Anthony’s campus.
• Developing a larger, patient-centered network of primary care services that adopt a team-based care model and improve access to care.
• Opening new primary care sites at multiple convenient locations throughout the River Bend area.
• Recruiting additional primary care physicians and providers to join OSF Saint Anthony’s team.
• Renovating the Saint Anthony’s Health Center facility, including enhancements and new technology for the Emergency Department, to accommodate a growing number of patients, as well as enhancements to the Intensive Care Unit and other specialty services
• Continuing to elevate the patient experience with improved flow, processes, communication and scheduling.

“OSF Saint Anthony is on a continuing journey to transform our health center to more effectively meet the needs of residents in the River Bend region,” said Pathak. “We are progressing to a new model that focuses on keeping the patients at the center of our care.”

In light of a changing health-care landscape at both the federal and state levels, OSF Saint Anthony’s is working to make health care more accessible in the River Bend region, which also has seen challenges, said Sister M. Anselma Belongea, F.S.G.M., chief operating officer at OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center.

“This is a progression of what we have been working on for a long time. We want to improve access and create care teams that provide a coordinated, holistic approach to the health care experience,” Sister Anselma said. The changes are guided by the OSF HealthCare Vision, which is, “Embracing God’s great gift of life, we are one OSF ministry transforming health care to improve the lives of those we serve.”

Pathak said that OSF Saint Anthony’s overall strategy is to create a more coordinated network of care and make health care more convenient and focused on patients. This includes moving services and programs that work together in closer proximity to one another and offering more outpatient programs at locations throughout the region, closer to where patients live, work and recreate.

“This progression toward transforming health care for our community has many components that are new and exciting. We also know that some parts of this progression may seem unsettling,” said Sister Anselma. “Our sincere promise to the community is that we will work to fulfill these plans in the most caring and respectful ways, always keeping our mission and vision in mind. We understand how important our health center is to generations of families in our area and we invite members of the community to keep an open dialogue with us. We look forward to working together.”

      From the Illinois Business Journal

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