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Belleville company gets major contract for SIUE apartment flooring

 EDWARDSVILLE – The Southern Illinois University board has approved a budget to replace sidewalks on the SIUE campus and awarded the contract to replace the flooring material in the 400 side of the single-student apartments in Cougar Village.

randwbuildersThe sidewalk replacement estimated cost is $600,000 for phase one of the project and will cover various locations within the campus core. Safety and accessibility are the primary cause for the necessary sidewalk replacement. Replacing deteriorated pedestrian walks will occur during several fiscal years to match available funding. The most serious problems will be addressed first to keep buildings accessible at all times. The project will be funded through deferred maintenance funds.

The board this month awarded a $1,393,409 contract to R & W Builder’s, Inc., of Belleville, to replace the flooring material in the 400 side of single-student apartments at Cougar Village.

The budget was increased over the originally approved $1.2 million cost to account for project contingency in the unlikely event of unforeseen situations during the replacement process. The flooring’s shelf life has expired and needs replacement. Housing repair, replacement and reserve funds will support the project.

    From the Illinois Business Journal

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