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Hoyleton youth program realigns its corporate structure

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS — Hoyleton Ministries, a 501(c)(3) in Fairview Heights, has initiated a strategic realignment of its corporate structure allowing it to better serve children and families in its 55 Illinois counties.

hoyletonyouthlogoEffective Feb. 1, Hoyleton Ministries, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services and Puentes de Esperanza began operating under the name of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services, or HYFS.

The principle elements of the new corporate structure will allow Hoyleton Youth and Family Services to:

• Continue to function as a ministry related to the United Church of Christ.
• Provide, in the compassionate spirit of God as expressed through Jesus Christ, for the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of children, youth, families and others in communities in which it serves, including the Latino community and other vulnerable communities.
• Develop programs and services such as information and referral advocacy, translation and interpretation to underserved populations.
• Promote cross-cultural awareness and competence in its communities.
• Apply funds and properties received by HYFS as a trustee for the benefit of HYFS and its affiliates.
• Own, lease, transfer, sell, dispose or deal with all property used in furthering the mission of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services.
• Solicit and receive gifts, contributions, bequests, and other form of real or personal property from individuals, foundations, partnerships, associations, governmental agencies, and public or private corporations.

“We are making these fundamental changes in corporate structure so Hoyleton Youth and Family Services is in a better position to carry out our mission, practice better stewardship of time and resources, and continue to develop and support the best possible staff we can find,” said Rev. Mike Southcombe, chair of HYFS. “This change facilitates the combining of resources, allowing the organization to serve its mission to the youth and families in a more efficient and effective manner.”

“I am excited to lead Hoyleton through the next phase in its transformation,” said Chris L. Cox, president and CEO of HYFS. “This operational realignment along with initiatives of our new strategic plan will help accelerate growth in Hoyleton’s innovative methods by which we provide community based services. We can utilize our strengths, to strategically focus assets on cross-company goals of providing compassionate behavioral health services and advocacy to the most vulnerable communities.”

About Hoyleton

Hoyleton Ministries was founded in 1895 and is dedicated to creating a better world for the children and families of Southern Illinois. Hoyleton serves more than 2,300 clients each year through its community based health initiatives, child welfare, behavioral, preventative services, Puentes de Esperanza (Spanish-speaking) and residential programs. Visit

    From the Illinois Business Journal

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