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Hoffman committed to working families

To the editor:
    This summer’s overtime session of the General Assembly has shown the true character of our leaders.  One of our staunchest allies, House Labor Committee Chairman Representative Jay Hoffman is sure to come under intense fire from Gov. Rauner.  Rep. Hoffman has shown his commitment to the working families of Illinois again and again.  He was one of the staunchest critics of Gov. Rauner’s Right to Work proposal.  He has also fought to hold the line on workers’ compensation reform.  
     He, and the rest of the House Democratic Caucus have continued to fight for the interests of the working families of this state.  He is fighting for us every day in Springfield.  
     Please take the time to talk to Rep. Hoffman and thank him for standing with us during this difficult time.  He has shown time and time again that he is with us.  We need to show appreciation to him for all of his efforts.

President, Illinois AFL-CIO

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