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Jails must accept cash for bail, thanks to new Illinois law


SPRINGFIELD – Law enforcement officials will have to accept cash to post bail, thanks to Senate Bill 2252, which was passed earlier this year by state Sen. Steve Stadelman, D-Rockford.

The idea was brought to Stadelman by Rockford-area resident Kevin Lunsford, whose teenage son was arrested for a traffic offense last year. When Lunsford arrived at the Winnebago County Juvenile Center to bail out his son, the credit card machine was broken and the county has a policy to refuse cash.

As a result, Lunsford’s son was forced to sit in the juvenile center the entire weekend – significantly longer than the law requires and at an increased cost to taxpayers.

“This new law is a prime example of a citizen getting involved when they notice a problem with their government,” Stadelman said. “Because Kevin brought this problem to my attention, we now have a common-sense solution so nobody will have to stay in custody longer than necessary because of a simple technology malfunction or a policy to refuse cash.”

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