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Stabilize weather, grow economy
To the editor
    It is physics. Our weather has been warmer. Warmer air holds more moisture. When it rains, it pours.
    It is warmer in the Arctic. Polar ice caps are melting. Less snow and ice reflect less sunshine. Darker, open ocean absorbs more heat. Result, the Arctic is warming much faster than here in the mid-latitudes. Physics again.
    Why does this matter? The physics is a little complicated but our wind patterns depend on there being a large temperature difference between the Arctic and our latitude. With the Arctic warming faster, the temperature difference is much less. It is changing the jet stream. Hence, we are getting long periods of heavy rain. The laws of physics tell us spring time periods of intense rain and flooding are going to become more frequent and worse. The Union of Concerned Scientists has been predicting this.
    Physics also tells us that to stabilize the weather we need to reduce our carbon footprint. Economists tell us that the best way to do that is with a market-based program. It is time to listen.
    The Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s plan would help stabilize the weather while growing the economy and creating jobs. The plan puts a price on carbon that increases each year. The money collected is divided into equal shares and each American gets a share monthly.

Chair, So. Illinois Chapter
Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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