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Companies urged to apply for chance to present to investors at InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Entrepreneurs leading high-growth companies are urged to submit applications now to present their cases to prospective investors at the 2017 InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum.

The 18th annual InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum will be in Kansas City on March 28-29. Applications from high-growth companies throughout the Midwest that would like to present their cases to investors at the 2017 event will be accepted through Nov. 11, said Christine Walsh, InvestMidwest executive director.

“We are seeking applications from fast-track companies in search of substantial investment to power their growth to a dynamic, new level,” said Walsh. “The entrepreneurs leading these firms aren’t planning on organic, gradual growth.”

InvestMidwest, which regularly attracts upwards of 300 attendees, will be at The Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center. The venture capital forum is considered a showcase for the best young, high-growth businesses in the Midwest. It will include three separate industry tracks presenting simultaneously: a life sciences track, an information technology track, and an agriculture/bioenergy track. Presentations from up to 45 emerging businesses will top out at eight minutes in length each.

In addition to industry track venues for formal presentations, the forum also provides opportunities for private meetings between entrepreneurs and some of the attending venture capitalists, corporate investors, private investors, and business, financial and legal professionals.

Walsh said companies applying early to present at InvestMidwest realize a solid benefit.

“Over the years, we’ve seen that an early application receives deeper consideration,” she said. “If selection committee members have questions, early applicants have time to answer the questions for clarification. That can make the difference in the committee’s decision regarding a company being invited to present at InvestMidwest.”

Businesses that can’t meet the early application deadline still have time to apply, however, and there are no penalties for not applying in the early application period.

“The late deadline, which this season is Jan. 13, 2017, still allows entrepreneurs a chance to be selected,” she said, “so companies that can’t meet the early application deadline still can apply up to the final deadline.”

Companies that presented at InvestMidwest’s previous 17 events have raised well over $1 billion in equity investment, with the venture capital forum being held alternative years in St. Louis, Mo., and the Kansas City metropolitan area.

“We consistently attract some of the Midwest region’s best fast-growth companies and a great group of investors,” said Walsh. “Our 2016 event in St. Louis attracted about 350 attendees.” She said attendees included representatives from important venture capital firms, corporate investors, angel investors, and business, financial and legal professionals.

For more information, visit Interested entrepreneurs are invited to complete an online application at the same website.

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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