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SIU assistant professor joins national dental committee


Dr. Cyril Pandarakalam, assistant professor in the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine has been appointed to serve on a National Board Dental Examination Part II test construction committee for 2017.

pandarakalam cyrilPandarakalam (left) is in the Department of Applied Dental Medicine and specializes in diagnostic sciences.

Test constructors are volunteers responsible for developing clear, accurate test questions according to the specifications of the examination program. Through their work, TCC members make a significant contribution to the profession.

“Dental students are required to take and pass the National Board Dental Exams in order to become eligible for dental licensure, so these exams represent a significant milestone in our students’ career paths,” said Dr. Bruce Rotter, SIU SDM dean. “To that end, it is extremely important for dental educators to be involved in the formulation of these exams. We are quite proud of Dr. Pandarakalam’s achievement in being invited to participate in the test construction committee. His demonstrated expertise in his field will prove to be valuable in this process.”

The Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations administers several standardized tests to evaluate the preparedness of individuals for the study and practice of dentistry and dental hygiene. They include the National Board Dental Examination Parts I and II, the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination, and the Integrated National Board Dental Examination, which is currently in development.

The purpose of the National Board Examinations is to assist state boards in determining qualifications of dentists and dental hygienists who seek licensure to practice dentistry or dental hygiene. These examinations assess candidates’ ability to understand important information from basic biomedical and dental sciences and also the ability to apply such information in a problem-solving context.

The SIU School of Dental Medicine students manage approximately 35,000 patient visits each year at its patient clinics in Alton and East St. Louis. In addition, students offer oral health treatment, screenings and education to more than 10,000 people annually through a wide variety of off-campus community outreach events.

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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