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On-demand talent firm OneSpace launches SaaS platform

Swansea-based OneSpace, a company that matches the talent needs of businesses with a network of more than 94,000 on-demand professionals, has unveiled a new Software as a Service platform.

The new SaaS platform, called OneSpace Project Center, offers what the company says is a complete, end-to-end solution for virtual talent management. The company says it has already facilitated more than 125 million assignments by providing managed workforce solutions to organizations such as Facebook, eBay, Staples, Microsoft and Frito-Lay among others.

“Since 2012, our team’s mission has been to create a best-in-class platform for accessing and managing cloud-based talent,” said Stephanie Leffler, CEO of OneSpace. “We have proven our technology and now we’re putting the power of our platform directly into the hands of companies who are ready to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of on-demand talent.

An increasing number of businesses are engaging outside resources as a means of filling gaps in skill and adding cost-efficiency and agility to their talent management model. According to Oxford Workforce’s 2020 Report, 83 percent of companies will increase their use of flexible workforces over the next three years.

OneSpace’s platform helps enterprise businesses streamline and optimize the management of a multi-channel workforce and includes features that assist in:
• Accessing pre-qualified, highly specialized on-demand talent
• Management of communication and workflows between internal and external teams
• Performance management and detailed workforce analytics
• Delivering a unified virtual workspace for internal and external teams
• Easy management of payments and compliance

Project Center’s data-driven performance measurement tools provide businesses with the ability to analyze and optimize their virtual teams while providing independent professionals with the tools required to succeed as an external team member. Project Center includes two proprietary, patent-pending technologies:
• QualitySmart, a quality assurance algorithm used by OneSpace to predict the quality of a contributor’s work submission
• TrustScore, a performance scoring and rating system assigned to contributors based on the quality outcome of work submitted through the platform.

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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