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SIUE says students graduating with lower debt on average

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville ranks 116th out of 1,300 colleges nationally for the lowest student loan debt per borrower according to LendEDU, the first organization to aggregate and analyze the data for the Class of 2015.

pembrook randy2016Among public institutions, SIUE ranks 54th nationally. Among all Illinois institutions, SIUE is second.

The survey demonstrates that undergraduate SIUE students, who choose to borrow, carry a relatively low amount of student debt ($20,817 average) at graduation. More than 42 percent of SIUE students graduate with zero student debt.

According to data for 2015, the starting salary for the average SIUE graduate was $46,800.

“For our students, who choose to borrow, the investment appears to pay dividends immediately,” said SIUE Chancellor Randy Pembrook (left). “Employers and graduate schools recognize the quality of the highly accredited degrees offered at SIUE. As a result, our graduates have opportunities well worth the student loan payment required after graduation.”

LendEDU’s report was created using the latest licensed Peterson’s financial aid data. Peterson’s released the fresh data for the Class of 2015 at the start of August 2016.

“We encourage students and families to consider student debt before decision day,” said Alex Coleman, LendEDU director of business development. “SIUE is doing an excellent job helping students avoid student debt.”

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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