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Illinois yoga instructors to continue teaching without regulation

Yoga instructors in Illinois will be able to practice freely without state regulation under newly signed legislation sponsored by state Sen. Don Harmon, D-Oak Park.

Senate Bill 2743 garnered bipartisan support in the legislature as a pro-business measure.

“As we work to make Illinois a more business-friendly state, there’s simply no reason to impose unnecessary regulation on something like yoga instruction, which for most people is a personal pursuit or at most a small, independent business venture,” Harmon said.

The measure exempts yoga teacher training from state oversight as a trade, occupation, vocation or professional school. The legislation was prompted by news earlier this year that several yoga teacher training programs in Illinois were notified by the Illinois Board of Higher Education that they would be subject to state regulation as vocational schools and that they must obtain IBHE approval to operate in the state.

Rep. Daniel Burke, D-Chicago, sponsored the measure in the Illinois House.

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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