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SIU approves work at Alton, Edwardsville campuses

Contracts for work at the Edwardsville and Alton campuses were approved by the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees at its regularly scheduled meeting on the Springfield campus on Thursday.

The board approved contracts for window replacement in the Art and Design Building East and a grant management system for the Edwardsville campus. The board also approved planning for exterior water distribution equipment on the Edwardsville campus and resurfacing of the School of Dental Medicine’s parking lots in Alton.

The board approved a $2.658 million contract with R&W Builder’s, Inc., of Belleville, to complete the $4.5 million Art and Design Building East project. The renovation will use a combination of windows, metal panels and limestone to replace the failing original glass block windows. The building’s energy efficiency, lighting quality and overall comfort will improve. The project will be funded through facilities fee revenues and is expected to be completed by August 2017.

The board also approved a nine-year, $577,450 contract to Kuali, Inc., of Lehi, Utah, to implement grant management software for The Department of Research and Projects. The initial three-year contract valued at $314,296 has options for two, three-year renewal options at a cost of $131,577 per option. Implementing the software system will improve the department’s ability to submit quality grant proposals by converting from a hard copy, manual system to a digital, online system. Research and Projects will provide the operating funds.

The board approved development of plans and cost estimates to replace water distribution system valves and hydrants on the SIUE campus. Much of SIUE’s exterior water distribution system is original equipment dating back to the campus’ origin. Valves used to control the system and fire hydrants have been failing. More than 300 valves and hydrants are expected to be replaced over time. A Quality Based Selection process selected Oates Associates, Inc., of Collinsville, to determine the extent and estimated cost of the project. Final project and budget approval will require board action.

The SIUE SDM has seven parking lots requiring resurfacing or rebuilding. The project will include expansion and reconfiguration of three lots to increase accessibility and safety. Also included will be new pavement markings, curbs, replacing accessible curb ramps, sections of new sidewalk and new, energy efficient LED lighting. SIUE’s on-call engineering firm will determine the extent and cost of the work. The project will be funded from external and/or internal financing as determined by the board treasurer. Parking fees will repay the debt service. Final project and budget approval will require board action.

— From the Illinois Business Journal

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