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Grantfork Police Department receives surplus vehicle from Madison County


EDWARDSVILLE – Madison County Chairman Alan J. Dunstan (left in photo) recently delivered a decommissioned police cruiser to Mayor Steven D. Brendel (center) and Chief of Police Justin Rottman of the Village of Grantfork as part of a program initiated by the Madison County Board to keep surplus vehicles in service to Madison County.

Previously, the county “sold” two older, high mileage vehicles formerly used by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department to the Long Lake Fire Department and the village of Worden.

After equipping the vehicle with emergency lights, radio and other necessary equipment, the village will use the surplus vehicle as a backup for the Grantfork Police Department.

The Village of Grantfork was able to obtain the vehicle through the efforts of Madison County Board members Kelly Tracy and Bill Meyer. After outfitting the car with emergency lights, a radio and other necessary equipment, the village will use the car as a backup police vehicle.

Brendel said the vehicle is a welcome addition to the police department.

“On behalf of the village of Grantfork and the Grantfork Police Department, we would like to thank the Madison County Board for this vehicle which will fill an important role in the village,” Brendel said. “Having another police vehicle allows us to extend the life of our current cruiser.”

Dunstan said the vehicle’s new home allows it to continue in service. “Rather than trading in surplus cars, we choose to provide the vehicles to governmental entities in the county where they can still be used to benefit the people of Madison County.”

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