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Village of Worden, Long Lake Fire Department receive vehicles from Madison County


EDWARDSVILLE – The Village of Worden and Long Lake Fire Department recently received cars from Madison County for the token sale price of one dollar as part of a program initiated by the Madison County Board.

“The cars are Sheriff’s Department vehicles that are being taken out of service due to age or high mileage. Although they cannot be used as police cruisers anymore, there is still quality life left in them,” said Madison County Board Chairman Alan J. Dunstan. “Rather than trading them in for minimal dollars, we opted to keep them in service for the people of Madison County. They are sold for just one dollar to Madison County municipalities or emergency service departments that will be able to put the vehicles to good use.”

Worden Mayor Preston Hall was presented one of the surplus vehicles by Dunstan and Board Member Bill Meyer to be used for administrative purposes. Hall said the vehicle will prove beneficial to Worden residents.

“On behalf of the Village of Worden, I want to thank the Madison County Board, Chairman Dunstan and Bill Meyer,” Hall said. “This vehicle is appreciated and will be put to good use for the service of the village and its residents.”

The Long Lake Fire Department received the second car, which will be used by Chief Terry Kreher. The selection of Long Lake Fire Department to receive a surplus vehicle was initiated by Board member Helen Hawkins. Kreher said the vehicle allows other vehicles in the department’s fleet to be used for their intended purposes.

“Being able to use this car saves wear and tear on other department vehicles and keeps them available for emergency situations,” Kreher said. “This will let us get the most life out of more equipment and will result in savings for the Worden residents we serve.”

                                                                                                        — From the Illinois Business Journal

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