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Governor to get bill penalizing false impersonation of military personnel

ALTON – A bill co-sponsored by state Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, making it a fineable offense for individuals to falsely impersonate military personnel, has been sent to the governor.

“There are many programs in place to provide aid to veterans and active duty service members,” said Beiser. “Unfortunately some people take advantage of these programs by pretending to be military personnel. By doing this, they reduce the amount of resources available for veterans that are actually entitled to the benefits and need the assistance.”

Senate Bill 2167 aims to help combat false impersonation of military personnel by making it a fineable offense when an individual pretends to be active duty or a veteran of the Armed Services.

Offenders can also be fined if they gain benefits, such as money or property, to which they are not entitled through their false representation.

“I am supporting Senate Bill 2167 because it will help our state better protect our country’s heroes from fraud,” said Beiser. “Active duty members of the military and veterans deserve our highest respect, so fraud must have consequences because it is absolutely unacceptable.”

Both chambers passed the measure as of May 24.

From the Illinois Business Journal

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