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Ortbals’ column got it right

Ortbals’ column got it right

To the editor

    You certainly called a spade a spade and hit the nail on the head in your article on the decision to locate the National Geospatial Center in North St. Louis. I lived through the 1972 Lambert debacle, as a member of the Illinois legislative delegation and can attest to the fact that political leadership from both states pledged to work for the betterment of the region until Columbia/Waterloo was selected as the best location for a regional airport.
    When that came down, all bets were off and Missouri threw a tantrum and you see what has happened to Lambert.
    No surprise with the choice for location of the Geospatial Center. Unfortunately, everyone will have to live with that decision the same as we have had to live through the long agonizing results of the Lambert decision.


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