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Phil Lading – Sandberg Phoenix

p15 lading     “Although Sandberg Phoenix’s highly experienced attorneys provide daily advice and guidance across a broad spectrum of legal issues, the firm’s singular focus in all areas of law remains the one thing that truly matters to our clients…….results. Sandberg Phoenix was the first firm in the Midwest to extend a Service Guarantee to every client, backed by conscientious attention to every detail impacting our clients and their lives, both personal and business. In my nine years at Sandberg Phoenix, and in a difficult legal economy where other local firms closed their doors or laid off massive numbers of attorneys and staff, Sandberg Phoenix has capitalized on its assets and the value of services provided to our clients and doubled in size. The bench strength of our legal talent is unparalleled, providing Sandberg Phoenix the ability to efficiently manage and resolve any legal issue presented.  
    Thinking outside the box isn’t just a poster on a wall at Sandberg Phoenix, it’s how we do business. Our attorneys are trained to listen to our client’s needs, and collaborate with the client to implement efficient and effective customized strategies to advance their interests. Clear communication with our clients is paramount, and we understand that just because we are attorneys doesn’t mean we have to talk like attorneys.
    Because of this commitment to service and the unparalleled consistency of results we’re able to continue to obtain for our clients, we develop long-lasting relationships with individuals and businesses in the communities we serve. One of my favorite parts of the job, and there are many, is taking the time to sit face to face with my clients, listen to them talk about their business goals and concerns, hear the passion in their voice for what excites them and concern for what keeps them up at night, and to work with them to create and implement relationship driven solutions that make sense for their personal situation.
p15 sandberg phoenix von gontard pc    Sandberg Phoenix……Because results matter.

Phil Lading

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